Are there any surgical options for treating si joint pain?

The standard surgery used to treat sacroiliac joint pain is sacroiliac joint fusion. The goal of this procedure is to completely eliminate movement in the sacroiliac joint by grafting the ilium and sacrum. In sacroiliac joint fusion surgery, a small incision is made on the side of the hip and three rods are placed in the sacroiliac joint. These rods will stabilize the sacroiliac joint, reducing irritation, inflammation, and most importantly, pain.

Traditional sacroiliac joint fusion involves open surgery that can last up to a few hours. Open surgery includes a surgical incision to access the joint, the removal of the cartilage material from the joint, and the use of bone grafts and screws to help fuse the joint. Patients usually require a hospital stay of several days. This diagnostic injection will be performed under the guidance of an X-ray or computed tomography to verify the precise placement of the needle in the sacroiliac joint.

Treatment for SIJ pain begins with conservative treatments, such as physical therapy, massage, traction, and sacroiliac joint belts that wrap around the pelvis to provide external support. Intra-articular joint injections generally consist of the simultaneous injection of local anesthetic and steroids and, less commonly, of local anesthetic alone. The symptoms of chronic sacroiliac joint pain can make it difficult to perform common daily tasks and can affect every aspect of the patient's life. However, if they don't get rid of your pain within 6 months, your doctor may suggest more intense treatment, including surgery.

A variety of tests performed during the physical exam can help reveal that the sacroiliac joint is the cause of the symptoms. Magnetic resonance ablation of the sacral joint may present a potential risk of damaging the thermal exposure of the sacral nerves, bones, and adjacent muscles. The three ARF techniques were found to improve sacroiliac joint pain in patients compared to initial pain for up to one year. About Us Located in Wichita, KS, the Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital is a regional center for the diagnosis and treatment of spine, neck, and joint disorders (read more).

The goal of physical therapy treatment for SIJ pain is to improve the mechanics of the lumbar spine, the pelvis and the hips, helping to restore the patient's mechanical function.

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